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15 Creative Content Marketing Examples to Take Inspiration From

Content Marketing

A sophisticated method of engaging your audience is through content marketing.

Content marketing may assist you in scaling, whether you want to demonstrate brand identification to potential customers or want to learn more about the demands of your customers.

However, it can be difficult to come up with new content ideas.

Even if there are numerous ways to employ content marketing, such as blogging, email outreach, social media content creation and distribution, video production, e-books, and infographics, you need to loosen a lot of screw-downs in order to find some truly original concepts.

Best 15 Content Marketing Examples 

Here are 15 excellent examples of unique content marketing ideas for you to get ideas from: We talked about everything, from original tactics to singular brilliant examples.

Zomato’s ‘Happy women’s day’ Email

How frequently does a restaurant locator app compile a list of original content marketing concepts? Rarely. But look at us, Zomato is on the list and for special reasons.

Aside from its distinctive digital marketing method and modern, minimalist approach to social media, Zomato’s use of pop culture references and the promotion of tailored messaging via email and in-app notifications may convince you to order a platter of sushi despite having no desire for it.

Indeed’s “New Beginning” Commercial

It’s not always necessary to make humorous content out of current events. There are times when you must take a step back and address problems impacting groups who are underrepresented in the workforce.

The desire to support nonbinary people in adding their pronouns to job profiles and confidently approaching interviews drove the idea for Indeed’s “New Beginning” campaign.

Apple’s “Shot On an iPhone” Campaign

It’s convenient to have a creative staff that can independently generate ideas and produce original material from beginning to end. However, a creative team of brand aficionados—consumers willing to go above and beyond to ensure the success of your brand—is even better.

Millions of occultists have become fans of Apple thanks to their professionalism, originality, and stylishness. Naturally, such an occult following would result in most firms sending out more sales pitches and fewer engaging communications. However, for Apple, it represented a chance to save costs while letting its audience pursue their passions and skills.

Slack’s ‘What’s New’ Section

When discussing creative ideas, the thoughts quickly turn to the following blog post, a how-to manual, or a motivational video produced by a video production firm. These are excellent platforms for discovering and promoting creative stuff. But they’re not the only options; they’re just the handful that first come to mind.

Even though it may seem unnecessary and uninteresting, Slack’s marketing impresses with its “what’s new” section on its app update page. Yes, the straightforward article describing the corrections and new features in the Slack app gets a lot of users fired up.

Zendesk’s Alternative

Numerous buzzwords swarm the area. No matter how much optimised contents you publish, you still won’t be able to rank for anything. Ranking for those that matter while ignoring the rest is the objective.

When Zendesk, a help desk software that powers over 100,000 businesses, learned that the keyword “Zendesk’s alternative” ranked highly among prospects, they decided to take control of the keyword and create a mini-site around it rather than leaving it up to chance or letting another brand benefit from it.

Sender’s Blogging Strategy

Every marketer discusses the importance and potential of blogs. However, very few people are proficient in blog creation and full-potential utilization.

An email marketing service firm called Sender uses blogs to deliberately win over new customers and empower its audience. The trick isn’t that Sender’s optimized blogs are entertaining and educational.

We appreciate the way Sender divided up their posts into various sections depending on keywords and search intent, making it easy for customers and prospects to scan through.

LinkedIn’s ‘’How LinkedIn Uses LinkedIn for Marketing’’ eBook

Existing users of LinkedIn are assisted in making efficient use of the platform by LinkedIn’s marketing eBook. The business eBook offers statistics, advice, and strategies to help you succeed with LinkedIn on LinkedIn.

eBooks are excellent content marketing tools for providing a how-to manual or in-depth description because they are simple to make with eBook makers. However, LinkedIn’s strategy of promoting its own marketing strategy while assisting its users in winning simply demonstrates how assured and great they consider the brand to be.

Simply put, if nothing about others motivates you, describe your brand’s approach to any effective strategies you may have and satisfy your audience’s curiosity about it.

Coca-Cola’s ‘’Share a Coke’’ Campaign

The majority of people enjoy customized material. We can all agree that the straightforward concept of a customized email header or a customized text message about an abandoned basket can cause us to reevaluate our purchasing choices.

The Coca-Cola “Share a Coke” campaign, however, can persuade you to reconsider your belief that emails, SMS, or social media shout-outs are the only appropriate means of sending personalized messages.

In Australia, Coke launched its “share a coke” campaign by placing 150 common names in the bottles and urging customers to do the same. After selling more than 250 million bottles in Australia, it made millions of additional bottles with regional common names. Global success followed as a result.

The Joe Rogan Experience

Because of how many marketing materials customers are exposed to on a daily basis, most marketers believe podcasts are a solid content marketing medium but not the most beneficial for their business.

They might never have time to investigate because podcasts are expensive, time-consuming, long-form content. This notion does contain a tiny bit of truth.

But hey, sometimes nothing beats the good old podcasts for some marketing initiatives. Take a sneak peek at Joe Rogan’s playbook if you’re at the podcast intersection and aren’t sure which way to go.

MindBody’s business content hub

Leading with value is the key to effective content creation. You would be better off spending in PPC or any other marketing tactic that works for you if you can’t produce valuable content.

The business content portal at MindBody is the ideal illustration of what we mean by leading with value. The content hub provides informative webinars, blogs, and events that visitors can access to reach their financial objectives.

MindBody establishes itself as a thought leader and indispensable information hub by providing consumers with the skills and resources they require to reach their own goals.

Old Spice ‘‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like’’

For everything, there is an image in the world. We all have preconceived ideas about what proper behavior, virtuous behavior, and how good children should act.

Although the “Should” tagline and unfair comparisons are not our favorites, they cannot be avoided at the moment because doing so would be counterproductive.

Old Spice added some heat with its “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” advertisement. It created a global representation of what the ideal man should seem like and then persuaded its audience, in this case ladies, that their man could smell just like that with Old Spice.

Ahrefs: ‘How-to’ Content

We can all agree that consumers encounter numerous challenges on a daily basis in an ever-evolving world, therefore it’s remarkable that so many people still don’t consider searching online to be a highly-priced ability.

In any case, Ahrefs promotes its features as the best solutions by using how-to information to assist consumers in solving complex problems. Watch, for instance, how Ahrefs responds to this query while subtly bringing up its keyword explorer.

HubSpot’s Lead Magnets

You get to transform the ordinary, physical world into a vibrant place where customers require your content to go about their daily activities when evergreen blog posts turn the sales funnel wheel.

When success was still an open question, HubSpot began to invest in content marketing. And now, here they are, clearly in charge of the area.

While the fact that HubSpot does not compete with anyone is not particularly inspiring, you can scale quickly by taking inspiration from their lead magnet strategy.

To nurture and direct readers at any stage of their journey, HubSpot offers frequently updated and repurposed content with quick CTAs and alluring lead magnets. There isn’t much thought involved here; the approach is more of a copy-and-paste one.

Web flow’s ‘HelloSign Experience’ case study  

You can be creative with any content, as you are aware. No matter whether the objective is to increase sales or establish a respected brand identity, the creative energy speaks for itself when you spend time and effort into developing content.

The majority of B2B companies have case studies on their websites, but here we are advising you to use Web Flow’s “HelloSign Experience” case study as inspiration. Yes, they are changing the way they do things and going above and beyond to achieve results.

Beaconstac’s ‘Cut Printing Cost’ During Inflation Strategy

Although QR Codes have been around for a long, their applications have just recently become more varied. In addition to being the most popular payment option, QR Codes are now one of the most effective marketing tools ever. And with that, Beaconstac’s QR Code generator demonstrated how a straightforward QR code may assist businesses in lowering operational costs by substituting QR Codes for print media.

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