White Hat Link Building Techniques That Actually Work


What is White Hat Link Building?

White hat link building is an SEO approach aimed at increasing your website’s authority and organic search rankings. It involves creating high-quality content and aims to get inbound links from external websites.

White hat backlinks are backlinks that are obtained as per Google’s guidelines. Conversely, black hat link building is spam or attempts to game the system, which is against Google webmaster guidelines.

White hat link building focuses on long-term search engine optimization results: building a brand to rank for important organic keywords by adding value with content that matches search intent.

Content Contributions (Guest Posts and Columns)

Content contributions, also known as guest posting or guest blogging, are a fantastic white hat link building technique (especially when building links to SaaS spaces). We have found this to be more effective than broken link building when it comes to increasing search engine rankings.

This is where you contact blog hosting websites and choose a topic to write for them.

If accepted, your blog post can be published on their website, driving links, traffic and brand awareness.

Create Unique and Original Data

Unique and original data is my personal favorite way to scale white hat backlinks and fuel your SEO strategy.

Why? People love connecting and sharing interesting data! 

Case in point: We created a painstaking survey of 800+ SEO experts. We want to know what they think about backlinks and how they affect search engine rankings for their own sites and clients.

High-Volume Cold Outreach

Outreach link building is alive and well, but getting answers is more difficult than ever.

Link building is competitive. Everyone is making to increase their backlink profile and site ranking. If you want top quality backlinks from big brands in your niche, you need to send a ton of emails.

Link building can often be a numbers game. Only a small percentage of sites will respond or approve your emails, so sending volume is essential.

White Hat Link Building Services and Companies

Earning white hat backlinks from high authority websites yourself can be time consuming.

You have to spend money

  • Explore topics you can realistically rank for
  • Planning, writing, editing and publishing content
  • Creating custom images, videos and data
  • Researching sites that may link back to this content
  • Finding the right contacts and emails to send campaigns to
  • Repeat it on a larger scale

Because of this, your effective “time to results” could be months before you see new backlinks coming in.

By how complete the link building outreach is, outsourcing can quickly track results.

White hat link building services specialize in this process and can deliver results within days.

Here are few of the best white hat link building services:

Link Building Agency – White Hat Backlink Experts

The link building industry is run by shady scams. Private blogging networks that promise instant rankings. Grey hat techniques and paying webmasters to get link without rel = sponsored tag.

Codeless – Content Production That Earns Links

Codeless specializes in exactly that: content production that produces results.

Whether you’re creating content on your own site to advertise for links or creating guest posts that editors will accept (hint: you need great content to stand out now), Codeless can make it happen.

Smash Digital – Great SEOs

Smash Digital does the best SEO work with a focus on white hat techniques.

We are happy to recommend them as we have collaborated before and can vouch for the quality and safety of their work.

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